The story of the Hands and Cheesman families

The Cheesman Family

My maternal grandmother’s family were Shoreham through and through, with a bit off added Cornish. Many of my ancestors made their living from the sea and some fell victim to the perils of maritime trade. Changing times eventually forced them into land-based professions and they gradually moved away from this historic Sussex town.

Chapter 3

The Early Cheesmans

Their origins in Southwick and Shoreham and lives as Master Mariners are well documented in the public records.

Chapter 4

Francis Cheesman (1796-1861)

A Master Mariner most of whose children followed in his footsteps or married mariners.

Chapter 5

Francis Cheesman (1822-1890)

Another Master Mariner who experience more than his fair share of tragedy – his wife, children and grandchildren all had premature deaths.

Chapter 6

Frank Cheesman (1846-1922)

A land lubber who made his living from the sea without getting his feet wet. His wife’s origins in Cornwall add a bit of interest.

Chapter 7

Charles Cheesman (1877-1946)

The first builder in the family, he was responsible for several prominent buildings in Shoreham, but his infidelity had an important impact on the lives of his children.

Chapter 8

The Maples of Shoreham

A prominent Shoreham family whose lives are well-documented in the town’s archives.

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